Monday, February 14, 2011 by B.H.
Not after very long, some people unlock their true selves when they are done pretending to be good (read: being what they are not). And how shamelessly they expose. Normally, there are chances that the smashingly flamboyant show of truthfulness at every step of a person has to do something with their inner trait called selfishness. Like today I saw a person opening up the real them. You! I don't really care you know but I have a problem with you. Notion is simple. I think people like you should not exist, your existence is something ridiculously absurd, it's beyond my understanding. The fact 'you exist' is a fact due to some serious technical error. "Your existence" is painful and dangerous to human race  Do this wonderful world a favor and please die. You broke a friend's heart, you treat people like trash and I can't be happy when one of my friends is not. Even if he weren't a friend, what you did to a person was totally unfair. I wish your would be half witted better half is a would be bald-headed gentleman but you're too blindly in love to notice that. I really hope you step on a Lego set barefooted. How I wish you have a writer's block workaday and especially during exams. I wish you suffer from the real insomnia. I wish you forget your admit card in your favorite subject's exam. I hope the last page of your favorite 1000 page novel is missing. I hope you write a poem and your favorite poet plagiarizes it. I hope you download the wrong torrent everytime you try to download Black Swan, you wanted my DVD right? Die! I hope there's no loo when you barely can stand. I hope your boyfriend dumps you for some Razia Bibi from Sialkot. I hope your daddy is in your bookface with fake account named Ryan Bieber and you don't know. I hope Mark Zuckerberg himself bans your ugly existence from bookface. I hope your driver hits on you nonstop. I hope you never see a shooting star. I hope you live a life without chocolates. I hope it rains dead crows on you. I know you wronged. We all do, but there's a limit, you cross it like you don't give a fudge. I really hope you make amends. I seriously do - not because I care for you or something. But because I care for the other people around you. Ugh. Enough attention.
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Salman Saeed said...

The best punishment: 'I hope that person read this.'

PS. Thandak ki saans lo beta! :P

Furree Katt said...

wow. this was quite original. and mean. but awesome.

Bahadur Hussain said...

@Salman Saeed, The person's ugly existence is not allowed here though but they know how to stalk so.. *grins* Don't worry. =D

P.S: Jee, soft mints kha ker na? *laughs*

@Furree Katt, Extra emphasis on "mean" right? *laughs* but I'll tell you a secret, that happens to me only once in 1000 light years, because I'm no saint, trust me! =D And Thank you. =)

Furree Katt said...

you're welcome, and actually it was extra emphasis on 'awesome'. really. that's some truly creative scenarios right there. :O
p.s. YOU'RE FOLLOWING ME! YAY! :D thank youuu.

Bahadur Hussain said...

Haha alright! And no problem, your blog is amazing so... =D

Anonymous said...

OMG! you're cursing like an old womAn =P Accha wait, I guess I've called u old women earlier too =P

Bahadur Hussain said...

*laughs* I amused my self too, I know it's insane! =D

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