Oh prancing letters!

Saturday, April 30, 2011 by B.H.

Oh prancing letters! – aggrieving the mind,

Waltzing upon the – bending stream,

Meaning – ivory tippet of that lady kind –

Nor the zilch essence of a forgotten dream.

All the letters –– I can remember

Are not as fine as this ––

Musings of plush ––

Velvet-textured –– square paragraphs,

Profundity –– as deep –– as dying crimson ––

Scattered on the canvas ––

Hid in the magic box ––

And in the splashes of mincing bucketfuls ––

And sometime –– when thou playest a tune ––

With that buzzing bee of Potwar

In sleep

Yet upon thy golden palms ma’am ––

Each dawn is last, thou dost say.


Tazeen said...

Umm. This is my favourite poem after I Bribed Her By A Daisy. I've been reading it every day because it's just too good and I didn't want to type the usual comment, telling you that the words were beautiful and how they touched and stuff. I'm sure I don't need to write all that. :D

But this poem. *sigh* It IS good - a rare gem.

B.H. said...

Oh hi! =) I'm just glad that you liked it. Really. And no, you don't have to write down a clichéd comment like many people out there! =)Um, thank you so much Tazeen! =)

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