Tuesday, May 17, 2011 by B.H.

The crow upon the block on an ardent day

There swiftly perches

And shaft of the light of a higher temperature

Kisses womanly grimace

There lives a soul in frigid hour of mind

Too dull to notice

The nap of an infant – the crowing of a babbler

Remembering a wraith

A shade lingers upon that honeyed soul

As when on noonday

And then drifts away – the another cloud too

As we love to estimate

The consistency of the variable shades

In false mathematics

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Ph_ said...

Nice changes Sarang :)

B.H. said...

Phun, thank you! =)

Anonymous said...

Yeah nice girly layout :P oops kidding! its actually tooooo cute that I had to say that. :P HAHA!

And btw for some reasons, this poem sounds so gooooooooooood, so damn perfect when read aloud. The beauty I cant comprehend, I cant relate. Ugh I don't know what makes it so beautiful :/ Pardon me!

B.H. said...

You know what? I think the same, it looks kind of girlish. Cute, sad and girlish. But then, at least it's almost as fine as the previous one! =D

I'm glad you liked the poem. =D

:-Dee said...

Niceeeee poem!!! I love the choice of words you use in ur writing.. great flow of words.. love your blog!!! :)

B.H. said...

Thanks a lot Dee! :)

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