"Life is unjust"

Monday, June 28, 2010 by B.H.
“Life is unjust”, “my life sucks badly” and “I’m curse”. That’s what I hear almost everywhere. I want to say that too, but when I think of what I think when I see such words, then I stop myself from saying that, 'cause it sounds hilariously pathetic, very very badly laughable! And maybe that's why I want to stick to this problem until it gets over tho' I'm pretty lazy about constructive things but still I must conquer the negativity; and I’m pretty sure that it is also one of those oft-heard pathetic sounding statement to you – the happy people (I am not comparing). But just imagine a life of a genius – misunderstood, a life full of flairs and hard lucks. And loneliness seems an outdated way of expressing one's boredom to you – the happy people (I am not comparing), ‘tis not, taste it if you ever can.

Today, I literally have zero friends if we count, zero percent sibling support, zero joy, boredom all the time. I never cried like this before. Ugh! I’m pathetic. Must suck! I thank God – Allah for this life and further, I do not have any complaints. I must get myself busy somewhere.

P.S. I am good at insulting! Beware!
And Ah? Fajr prayers call - Azzaan! wow!
I'm too sleepy too write anything positive with this.
P.P.S. I am writing all this with half eyes closed and full brain shut. Ma'azrat!


Jingle said...

life is hard at times,
reach out more..
Blessings for you.

Aimz Khan said...

"I should get my self busy somewhere" is positive thinking. And hey, it's not at all "pathetic". I'm sure you are happy now :) be blessed.

Bahadur Hussain said...

@Jingle: You seem like an optimistic poet :) I wish to be one. I guess I'll add you in my blogroll. And thank you for the comment.

@Aimz: Thank you for being nice. And yeah it's raining here and it makes me happy :P

Anonymous said...

Saw your tumblr post. Whats wrong?

Bahadur Hussain said...

=) Thanks for asking. I'm fine, almost. I'm really happy that you cared to ask, anon. It's you, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Yes it's me. :)
Whatever it is, you'll deal with it pretty well and you wont let it take over your positivity.
You'll be completely fine, with a will concretely strong and a permanent smile on your face! And if you get down to the battlefield, you'll win too.

Stay blessed!

Bahadur Hussain said...

I'm shocked that it's you. Really. =)

I know I will deal with anything single-handedly, I know I'll be fine. *smiles* I know I'll win. Just like you said.

Thank you for that!

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