That feeling...!

Saturday, June 26, 2010 by B.H.
Ever had the mini heart attack on realizing that you’ve lost something? And ever felt the perfect comfort on realizing that you are fully prepared for the upcoming circumstances?
Ever felt the satisfaction when you know you’ll do great in exam because you’ve prepared every thing about it? Ever thought how a bird feels when it escapes from the cage and fly in the skies after a very long time and then join the flocks? Ever felt the automatic smile-feeling when your mother smiles at you for something stupid you’ve done?

I feel the strangest feeling today; I want to jump with joy and dance and want to play my favorite songs the loudest. Yes! The after-final-exams-feeling, I hope that’s not farfetched but the feeling that was felt by people of my country when the beloved country came into being! The freedom! The list I made about a week ago before exams – the things-I’ll-do-after-exams list, I see it, it’s on yellow paper with the green ink and I’m going to do all the “fungenda” now. Drawing my favorite cartoons, decorating my sister’s room, read all the magazines that I saved for after-exam time, the summer movies, the sleep competition with my pals, the hang outs with chums, and Disney! I feel every good feeling. The feeling I felt when N.A. called me the regular contributor of their page. That feeling! I can tell now, how Saad Javed feels on seeing the wild geese flying with the moon on their wings and when he sees the kites dancing on the end of the strings and when he sees the curtains swaying in S shape, and shiny vegetables. I know how I feel on seeing a green ringed-parakeet frowning at every one but we still caress it and try to comfort it, the little cat you luckily and suddenly find in fog, a teenager girl dancing in the rain, and the stars shaping her name and the feeling when little kid try to talk with his not-so-perfect-but-wicked-cute voice, the silent day in neighborhood, soothing sound of trickling water, the summer’s cool night, the feet perfectly fitted in cool dirt, the sleep under the open and starry sky.

I feel everything! I feel like that white smoke flying away from the chimney celebrating its freedom. The feeling I feel when I read Emily Dickinson’s poems, I feel so cold that no fire can harm me. It’s my independence day, today was my last paper, and I did awesome! And come to mummy :P THE SUMMER VACATIONS!!!!


pH_the princess said...

actually I had the same excitement on 25t of june after my viva :P I wanted to scream in the lab but for some reasons I didn't LOLZ
Good times !
Fungenda and disney , I hope you've done it all :)

Bahadur Hussain said...

Haha well, sort of done almost everything. lol and yeah good times!! good times! =D

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