Moon is pale

Monday, June 7, 2010 by B.H.
It was like 2 weeks ago, when I saw that moon was full and pale... I wrote rhymes on yellow note paper (yellow sticky note papers/reminders) ofcourse about the moon. I usually write on yellow sticky note paper, I call it my second love/spouse. First is fog, right! There is something poetic in it... Although, The rhymes I write on yellow notepaper are comparably rougher and simpler than those I write on white papers or on computer. But I like these rough and simple rhymes more.. Here is what I wrote in pale moonlit night.

Moon is pale, what's its ail?
Why is it sad? What is the tale?
Has its lover drowned?
beacause he could not sail
Or did he do wrong?
And sent to jail?
P.s prayers needed, for I am taking exams and I'm like trampled by the pile of expectations of parents and friends .
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